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Information about com-5 standards of a healthy site

Com-5 is all about improving the web, this is acheived through a good understanding of what you have, and what you need. Com-5 ranks your website based on 5 principles: Social score, PageRank, Age, Direct Search and Indexed. These will be explained in some further detail below:

Social analysis of your domain

The Social analysis of your site, is a reflection of how many people have associated good information with your web-domain, this is a very important statistic, and the most difficult to create, generally, this will go up, as the quality of the website increases, and the age of the site escalates.

PageRank results for your site

This is a measure of how important search engines feel the content of your site is, the bigger this percentage, the more likely your content will be in a search results page, when you and a lower competitor meet on the same searchterm.

This is increased by having pages with high PageRank post links to your site. The higher the linkers pagerank, the bigger the boost it will give to your pagerank.

Age analysis of your website

This is simply put, how long various search-engines have known about the contents of your websites, as you might expect, this score grows as your domain is kept online for longer.

Direct Search results for your website

This is a representation of how much information can be found on the internet, by searching for your website in a search engine.

Indexed analysis of your content

A representation of how much information search engines have stored off of your site, the higher this is, the more likely search users will hit a term on one of your sites.

This can be increased by making much more content, with its own area and file, and focusing particular areas of your site, on particular keywords or search terms.

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